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Sentinel™ Series Fire
Suppression Pumps

Horizontal Split Case

Sentinel™ Vertical
In-Line Fire Pumps

Compact, self-contained design for easy adaptability to new or existing applications

Patterson's V.I.P. In-Line Fire Pumps offer a simple alternative to horizontal split case pump in fire applications with lower flow ranges. Their unique design also minimizes energy consumption while lengthening service life.


Easy to install into existing pipe lines. With the inlet and outlet on a common center line, only standard piping supports on either side of the pump are needed. This eliminates the need for costly foundations or pads. Designed for durability, every pump has standard packing and two-piece gland. Coupled to V.I.P. 's standard JP/JM motor, this quality, integral drive system features uniformity of tolerances, minimum shaft deflection and bearing size properly for job. With the pressure ratings from 40 psi to 150 psi (3 bar to 10 bar), Patterson's V.I.P. Vertical In-line Fire Pumps deliver flow ranges of 50 gpm to 1,250 gpm (11m3/hr to 284 m3/hr)